CART Captioning

Communication Access. Realtime.
Imagine sitting in a classroom or a meeting, unable to hear the speaker’s words. The American Sign Language interpreter is there to provide communication access, but you’ve never learned ASL. Or perhaps you learned English as a second language. In either case, you struggle to follow the exchange of ideas.

Now re-imagine the scene. Sitting next to you is a court reporter with a stenographic machine connected to the computer in front of you. As she presses the keys on her stenographic keyboard, the words magically dance across your screen in front of you. Suddenly you’re able to fully partake in the discussion. You get the jokes, the satire, the innuendo. You have full access. You are an equal participant. That’s CART Captioning. That’s Communication Access Realtime Translation.

Whether you need personal captions in a classroom for one, or for a meeting with a dozen, or for a filled auditorium, the CART Captioning providers at Realtime Worldwide are ready for the job. We have years of experience working with ESL students and hard-of-hearing or late-deafened adults and children. Let us be your partner too. We’re certified realtime reporters, up to speed with the latest computer technology and captioning software, and trained in the specialized field of CART Captioning  service.

Request Realtime Worldwide and discover a difference in the quality of your meeting or classroom experience.

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