Virtual depositions

View deposition or trial testimony as it happens – without ever leaving your office.  Streaming to your notebook or smartphone.

Realtime Worldwide will stream text (similar to closed captioning) via the web from the deposition location to your computer, enabling your staff in the office or your expert in the next state to view testimony as it happens. Our reporters know technology. We’ve been handling multi-party complex litigation including patent law, intellectual property matters, medical malpractice cases, and asbestos litigation for more than a quarter century. Don’t trust your technical cases to just any court reporter. For excellence, trust Realtime Worldwide.

Our reporters have worked with the following companies for realtime text streaming:


My Cloud My Cloud feature of CaseViewNet is a powerful tool in providing interactive realtime to clients in the room and around the world!

Cloud will send your realtime testimony to participants using CaseViewNet or iCVNet to view the testimony.

Why Cloud?

• Cloud is a cost-effective solution to expand your reach beyond the deposition and courtroom

• Increase your work opportunities and earning power by offering realtime locally and around the world

• The connection process is simple and easy to use, only requiring the Internet

• It allows clients to connect at any point during the proceedings and be instantly brought up-to-date

• Cloud is launched instantly–no appointments necessary! It’s available to you 24/7

• Connections for a session are available in a variety of choices to fit your needs

• Transmission of data is secure and encrypted

Realtime Worldwide featured on Attendees provides legal teams with the ability to remotely attend a deposition from any geographic location. If you are going to be remotely attending a real-time deposition as an attendee, you will receive an email from the Court Reporting Agency/Stream Administrator with information on how to access the deposition via the internet. This email will include the case name, deposition name, witness name, date and time of the deposition, your chat group letter, password and a URL link that will take you directly into the deposition room. By simply clicking on the deposition hyperlink within the email, you will be redirected to Just enter your password contained in the deposition invite email and you will then have access to the live streaming deposition.

Within you will be able to view real-time transcription text, see and hear live witness video and audio feeds, communicate securely through group and private chat as well as be able to conduct indexed word searches. No need to worry about security as purges its servers after every streamed event so no text messaging of any type is retained.


If you chose to videotape the witness, your videographer can connect to the court reporter’s streaming computer by purchasing a video dongle.

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Attendee requirements

  • Enable the site address as safe, within your firm’s white space and internet browser. https://*
  • Make certain your IT department has port 1935, 443 or 80 open
  • Enable Internet Cookies on your computer
  • Allow first priority pop-ups on your computer
  • Have Adobe Flash Version 10.3 or higher installed – Adobe Flash update:

More detailed information, including Technical Specifications and Requirements can be obtained by downloading or contacting support.


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Speche Communications

Speche’s eScription technology is integrated as a web-based service designed to facilitate the delivery of realtime streaming text to anyone, anywhere. Taking realtime input from a captioner or shorthand reporter, eScription converts the data stream into an Internet friendly format and distributes it instantly to the targeted viewers. The converted data stream is so small that Internet connection speeds are not relevant. The text is delivered instantly whether you are using high-speed access or a dial-up modem.

The realtime text stream is displayed in a text box that enables the viewer to customize the font type, size, and color as well as the background color. This insures maximum viewing pleasure and comfort. The text box, with permission from the distributing organization, will even provide a searchable transcript feature that will show and save all text received since entering the event.

Captioners and realtime court reporters serve as the cornerstone for our technology. It’s the reporter’s realtime feed that ignites the entire process and with Speche, the reporter isn’t forced to do things with which they are not already familiar. That means they can focus on doing what they do best, capturing the spoken word with amazing speed and accuracy. Here’s how it works:

Whether it’s internet depositions, webcasting, or remote CART Captioning that interests you, you’ll be ready to go in no time with Speche Communications.

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Courtroom Connect | Remote Counsel

Remote Counsel Stream brings attorneys and other participants remote live access to depositions, trials, jury research, and other events through live text, video, and digital evidence streams delivered over the Internet. Attorneys use this service every day to bring events to an extended litigation team, watch events remotely, and reduce travel expenses.

Remote Counsel Stream offers users a web-based interface to watch live streaming events. Simply log in to our website and you can be watching your live event in seconds. The interface includes streaming audio, video, and text from your event. Users can also choose to chat with other team members watching an event.

In addition to the integrated web interface, Remote Counsel Stream outputs to ANY realtime software product, including Summation, CaseViewNet, LiveNote, and more.

RC Stream for Depositions

Watch depositions from anywhere with Remote Counsel Stream.  With live video and text streams direct from the deposition, you or others on your litigation team won’t miss anything even when you can’t be there in person.  Remote Counsel Stream is ideal for multidistrict litigation or for any deposition where travel is an issue.

RC Stream at Court

At your request – and pending judge’s approval – we work with the Official Court Reporter on your trial to provide you with a secure, remote realtime feed for authorized users. With RC Stream, you and your trial team can follow live proceedings from the office, war room, or other location.


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