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The videographers of Realtime Worldwide are, in a word, professional. They subscribe to the stringent standards of the Certified Legal Video Specialist certification of the National Court Reporters Association. Holders of the CLVS are trained in the latest video technology and techniques, and must perform hours of continuing education to maintain their credentialing. CLVSs are schooled in the requirements of law for recording depositions and providing playback in the courtroom. We can support audio and video trial presentations tailored to your needs. We can be as high-tech (or low-tech) as you require. Need to capture a day-in-the-life video of your plaintiff? Film the scene of the accident? Video an important expert witness? We have the expertise to do it right.

Courtroom playback without a hitch is critical. We’ll synch the audio and video to the transcript so that you can, at the click of a button, play back an entire deposition, important segments of it, or zero in on a question and answer you want the jury to see. State-of-the-art equipment captures the witness’s deposition testimony in crisp video and clear sound so the jury gets to appreciate everything about the witness’s testimony you want them to note – his demeanor, tone of voice, the spoken words. Reading quotes from a transcript to the jury just can’t compete in today’s world where people are accustomed to live-action images and sound.

Our video production team will provide you with professionally made DVDs and CDs of your depositions. We can edit them for trial to your specifications so you will have the Q&A you want ready instantly to display to the jury. Your video trial presentation is a critical part of the impression you (and your case) will make on jurors. Be sure to get it right. Ask for Realtime Worldwide. We’re the professionals.

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